Wilier Triestina Zero 6 Frameset

Wilier Triestina Zero 6 Frameset


Wilier Triestina Italian designer & manufacturer of racing bicycles has celebrated their 110th anniversary with the exclusive very limited release of the Zero 6. 110 years in the making, shaving 100 grams off the Zero 7 makes this frame truly special taking carbon technology and layup to the next level.

With a very limited run of 200 worldwide this frame will be a true collectors item from the Wilier Triestina range. So whether you want to have the best performing machine or want to up your status, this is the bike for you!

#StandOut #UpYourStatus #Perform #Zero 6

Available in XS, S, M & L.

Supply is very limited and will not last with stock allocated to other parts of the world sold out in days. Drop into store or contact Lifecycle on 07 3831 2611 to check availability and secure yours now before ordering.


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