SH+ RG 4600 Pro Line

SH+ RG 4600 Pro Line


The RG 4600 are part of SH+ premium eyewear range featuring a half frame design. These new stylish glasses have taken the world by storm being the eyeware of choice by Champion Exterra Triathlete Ben Allen as well as used by multiple teams like team Neri Sottoli, team Stuttgard, team Casco Naranjas and team Ego.

The RG 4600 glasses come standard with the highly popular Revo Mirror, versatile Orange and useful clear lenses.

These glasses are fully compatable with SH+'s perscription clip on frame saving hundreds from other alternatives out there.

With the wide range of 15+ interchangable tinted lenses SH+ offers for varying conditions there is a lense available ensuring you've got the perfect visibility for local terrain and conditions. This is not only healthy for your eyes but provides an excellent riding experience.

Optimal comfort is achieved with SH+ technologies like adjustable nose pads and adjustable tips allowing flexability around all contact points of the glasses to prevent uncomfortable pressure points.

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