Professional Bike Fitting

Bike fitting is the latest buzz word around the cycling world these days and there are all sorts of systems out there which promise amazing results in return for a fist full of dollars.  Unfortunately there is no simple answer to getting the best position on your bike. The key to bike fitting is in the experience of the bike fitter and the difference is in the final subtle changes that only someone who has been doing bike fits for a long time is able to achieve. Bike fitting is an art rather than a science...all the measuring in the world will not solve the issues that posture and pedalling style bring. Blair Stockwell MBE has been fitting riders to their bikes for many years and his involvement with cyclists of all levels from beginners to Olympic level riders means that he is able to swiftly correct problems before they arise or help remove issues that are causing pain or lack of performance!

Blair has attended many professional bike fitting courses to add to his own vast experience including participating in the Specialized Bicycle BG Fit program and also the Fit Kit courses in the US.

Many shops these days are getting in big expensive measuring machines and putting inexperienced fitters up to the task of fitting you to your new bike and claiming them as professional bike fits. This is good as a general guide but does not offer what an experienced fitter can provide. An experience fitter will be able to measure you up as well as visualise your position on the bike to make minor adjustments where needed to reduce and sometimes completely eliminate that pain in your neck or lower back.

Call to book a bike fit at Lifecycle where we can do the adjustments that will transform your riding experience. We have different levels of procedure from a Quick Fit which will give a quick analysis of seat height and handlebar reach to the full Advanced bike fit which will do a thorough analysis of your body dimensions and also a review and modification of your position over a period of time to ensure a smooth transition into your new super efficient bike position. It can be extraordinary as so many of our clients will testify!


A professional bike fit and analysis by the team will have many benefits for your cycling. The personal riding profile created by Fit Kit  gives you and the team the information needed to improve your comfort on a bike, helps to prevent injuries, eliminate pain, increase power, improve efficiency and overall make for a better riding experience.



Of course if you're already well set up on your bike Lifecycle can help you fine tune that ride. Perhaps we can modify your position for better time trialling? Maybe you want to speak with us about female specific saddles or you need some advice from Mark about your MTB suspension set up.

If you're keen to improve your bike fit then give us a call on 3831 2611 or drop in to make an appointment with Blair, Lionel or Mark.

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