Bike Servicing - Brisbane and free pick up and delivery service

The new Lifecycle Garage & Bespoke location provides our customers with an easy access position right on River Loop at the top of Gladstone Road to service and maintain your bike. Plenty of parking and easy access.    

Why not book your bike in the day before, ride to work, make the arrangements to collect from your End Of Trip facility and we will take it from there. Super convenient, no fuss and no getting to work late.  Finish your working day and the bike is back in the rack, clean and serviced.  Make a Booking Here

At Lifecycle Garage & Bespoke we have the best bike mechanical services in Brisbane.  We can repair, service, adjust or modify your bike of all brands and types.  Our workshop situated in Highgate Hill is well equipped and always kept up to date with modern tools and equipment to ensure your bike gets the right treatment. Regular servicing extends the life of your bike, ensures safe riding and can make riding your bike far more rewarding.  We are more than willing to offer tips and guidance so you can also maintain your bike in the best way possible.  

We offer a pick up and delivery service, FREE within 5 kilometres of 4101 and a small charge of $20.00 in the Brisbane metro region


Lifecycle Bicycle Repair Packages: 

Basic Service - $69.00
- Adjustment of Gears
- Adjustment of Brakes
- Inflation of Tyres to Correct Pressure
- Lubrication of Drive Chain
- Safety Inspection

The Basic service is suitable for bikes in good condition between annual services. Excellent service to get before participating in a major race or charity ride.

 Regular Service - $120.00
- De-greasing of Drivechain
- Washing and Cleaning of Bicycle
- Inflation of Tyres to Correct Pressure
- Adjusting of Gears
- Adjusting of Brakes
- Truing of Minor Wheel Buckles
- Adjusting of Bottom Bracket
- Adjusting of Hub Cones
- Lubrication of Drive Chain

This service is recommended annually or for bikes in dirty or neglected condition.

Cost: $139.00 including a bottom bracket and headset degrease and re-grease

Super Service - $250.00
- Includes the annual service plus:
- strip and regrease of hubs
- remove and regrease of bottom bracket
- strip and regrease of head fittings
- relubrication of brake cables
- relubrication of gear cables

This service is a virtual strip and rebuild of the moving parts of your bike and is recommended bi-annually to ensure long life of quality bicycles particularly when ridden regularly. Also good for bikes that have been kept away in storage for a period of time.

 Wash and Tune*- $59.00
- De-greasing of drive chain
- Washing and cleaning of bicycle
- Lubrication of drive chain
- Gear tune

*This service is designed for road bikes in good condition....particularly good after a period of bad weather.

Redeemable* Insurance Quote - $35.00
- Inspection of bicycle
- Preparation of written Insurance Quote

*The Insurance quote fee is redeemable in full when the quote is accepted. The fee is to cover the time required to assess the cost of repairing or replacing the bicycle.

The prices above include labour only. All parts are extra. Extra charges may apply for cleaning very dirty or poorly cared for bikes.

*Free for pick up and return within 5km of the shop

We also offer specialty servicing in the following areas: Wheel building, suspension servicing, Classic bike restoration, disc rotor facing and much more, so for other quotes call on 3831 2611, e-mail, or drop in!

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