Lifecycle Garage & Bespoke is a change of direction for an independent bike store.  A storefront dedicated to selecting the correct bike for you from our extensive range of manufacturers and a level of back-up and support like no other.  

We offer a full custom build service, selecting the right frame for your riding needs, the right size, then the right components, parts and accessories and drivetrain so we create your individual bike.  All professionally finished with a full fitting service so you get the maximum out of your new bike.

This custom build approach can be achieved without costing a fortune.  We estimate with the combination of frames and components, the possibilities and combinations are endless.  Imagine a bike, costing no more than off the rack, built to suit you and your personality.  From $3000.00 we can achieve a high quality carbon frame, quality wheels and drivetrain, accessorised for comfort and style.

Consider taking the next step and custom painting the frame or updating an old one. From as little as $600.00 you can have a frame colour design as individual as you are. So don't follow the pack chasing the current trend brand, select wisely and ride YOUR bike 

At Lifecycle Garage & Bespoke we proudly represent road and mountain bikes from Wilier Triestina, Fuji, Lapierre, Norco and Merida. Selected in the comfort of a lounge chair, with someone who knows bikes and the customers needs.  We know you all research and so do we, so you can trust our selections in your company.  

If you're looking for a high quality Italian machine, a finely tuned comfortable road bike, race specific lightweight racer, time trial bike, triathlon bike, cyclocross, single speed custom city flyer, enduro mountain bike or cross trail,  or anything in-between, we've got you covered. 


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