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Sometimes we are unable to get out on our bikes so the solution is to use an indoor stationary trainer. These come in various types including rollers  and resistance trainers. Rollers usually have very low resistance and so are good for working up a good spin technique as smooth pedaling is a great technique to master. Fluid braked trainers have become very popular as they more naturally simulate the resistance of the wind as speed increases meaning less need to change gears. Magnetic trainers are more common and cheaper so a great choice if you only use it sporadically.  We have picked some great models from JetBlack. Remember these trainers can be used as a great training tool even when the weather is ok. Because of the resistance the training effect is highly intensified and so an hours workout can be like 3 hours out on the road. There are lots of training DVD's available to help make the sessions more productive. We only use Jet Black trainers in our own training studio.