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Mountain Bikes - Hardtail

Mountain bikes are the most popular type of bicycle sold today being the perfect allround mode of transport and recreation. Up until recently mountain bikes had 26" wheels but today the new 29" and the 650B (27.5")  are becoming the most popular wheel sizes. They roll better and give a more relaxing ride experience.....almost like having dual suspension!
We have models in all three sizes from Merida, Norco andLapierre in all price points. Merida and Lapierre are our European influenced bikes while Norco is a Canadian company with a 50 year heritage in mountain bike design and production. They are all world class brands using the best quality frames and components with models ranging from entry level to worlds best. Hardtails are normally the best choice for cheaper bikes as they are lighter and less complicated to maintain. They are also popular as race bikes where the trails are relatively smooth.