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One of the things I think we all fear the most about services is the cost. Let's face it, after all the money you've just shelled out on your new bike you can always find it hard to come up with that little bit more for the service. But there is always risk and reward in everything isn’t there. So at Lifecycle we are definitely aware of 2 key factors:

A Well Tuned Bike:

Having a well tuned bike is certainly something that gives pure joy. Just like when you're feeling a 100%, your bike should also feel 100%. We have 2 full time professional mechanics here to cater to your every need. Both Lionel and Geoff will not be satisfied until your satisfied. One of Lionel's specialities is working through those niggly little problems that can plague you for weeks that you just cant work out. Geoff, is an avid MTB rider and will be glad to run you through all of those important things for looking after your suspension and wheels. Our workshop clients include some the country's best road and MTB riders and triathletes who rely on their machine being tuned to perfection. Whatever the trouble Lionel and his team will not rest until it's sorted out.

We also know that it's not always convenient to be paying out at various times for expensive services on your bike. So Lionel and the team have come up with a range of options that should keep that ride of yours going for longer. Also if there's something you want looked at please don't hesitate to drop by and see the guys so they can give you a quote or advice.

Basic Service – $65
- Adjustment of Gears
- Adjustment of Brakes
- Inflation of Tyres to Correct Pressure
- Lubrication of Drive Chain
- Safety Inspection

Annual Service - $99 or $120
- De-greasing of Drivechain
- Washing and Cleaning of Bicycle
- Inflation of Tyres to Correct Pressure
- Adjusting of Gears
- Adjusting of Brakes
- Truing of Minor Wheel Buckles
- Adjusting of Head Fittings
- Adjusting of Bottom Bracket
- Adjusting of Hub Cones
- Lubrication of Drive Chain
This service is recommended annually or for bikes in dirty/poor condition. This service extends the warranty on Scott bikes.

Super Service - $180
- Includes the annual service plus:
- Re-Greasing of Hubs
- Re-Greasing of Bottom Bracket
- Re-Greasing of Head Fittings
- Re-Greasing of Brake Cables
- Re-Lubing of Gear Cables

This service is recommended every two years.

Wash and Tune*- $50
- De-greasing of drive chain
- Washing and cleaning of bicycle
- Lubrication of drive chain
- Gear tune

Our mechanics are here to help so whatever the problem, big or small, bring it in to us and we'll solve the problem

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