Indoor Trainer Special

With all the crazy wet weather this summer, get yourself into Lifecycle for a great deal on an Indoor Trainer. With a Wind trainer you can beat the blues from all the rain, and not lose your fitness because you can't get outside. We've got a few great deals on trainers that are left over from our winter special, and we have trainers in all price brackets so scroll down for more info:

Minoura Mag 500R with remote RRP $349. Now just $250

  • this is a great entry level trainer that is great quality.

Minoura Mag 850D RRP $379.95, now just $349.95

  • with a heavier mag to drive, you get a better workout and better road feel, not to mention better quality than its little brother above.

Minoura M80 RRP $399.95, now just $349.95

  • An adjustable Magnetic trainer with remote adjustment
  • Dual hub handles for fast installation of the bike
  • 800 gram machined flywheel provides smooth pedal action

Kurt Kinetic Fluid Road Machine RRP $579. Now just $529.95!

This trainer is the perfect workout partner for sprints to intervals to all-day cruising. Quiet. Smooth. The mix of the heavier flywheel, and the fact that this is a fluid trainer gives you true outdoor simulation. The resistance automatically adjusts as you change speeds. It has a quick release for easy and fast installation. We use one of these in the shop for fitting people to bikes so they can have a quick spin to get a feeling of what the bike will feel like on the road. Highly recommended, this trainer also comes with a lifetime warranty.


Tacx Speedmatic RRP $339, now $279.95

The Speedmatic is a very sturdy unit. It has a good quick release mount for the bike. The Speedmatic is reasonably quiet, and the stiff frame means that you'll never worry about coming loose.

Tacx T1445 Sirius Soft gel RRP $549.95, now $449

The Sirius has an ergonomically shaped frame that gives slightly as you ride. The magnetic brake has two discs, each with six permanent magnets. The 10-setting remote resistance lever changes the position of the magnets in the brake unit relative to one another. In the course of training the power increases when you cycle faster and/or at a harder setting. The Sirius features a 2 kg balanced steel flywheel for a smooth pedaling action.

Tacx Fortius Multiplayer RRP $2599, now just $2250!

This is Tacx’s most advanced VR trainer. You ride against other riders while on the trainer! This trainer has an ultra modern interface featuring an oval ring containing the keys. The trainer is equipped with a powerful engine brake that simulates climbs and descents. When you are climbing you will experience almost the same resistance as if you were outside and when you are descending you do not have to pedal, because the motor will drive your wheel. The Fortius Multiplayer comes complete with the manoeuvrable VR steering frame and a one-year license for web racing. This high-tech trainer challenges you to push you to your limits.

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