Lifecycle wins QLD State Title Teams Time Trial

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Lifecycle Cycling club is now home of the QLD State Champion Elite Womens Time Trial Team.  Laura Luxford, Julie Uebel, Lisa Duncan and Josie Loane rode the 20km TTT at Lowood, to secure the Elite Women’s State Title. 

It was an exciting day which threw the team many challenges; starting off early with a rebellious bike seeing fit to through itself off the roof of the Log Jammer mark II.  Laura, Josie and the team mechanic, Jonny Stockwell were travelling down the Western Freeway and on hearing a strange noise they all looked to the left of the car to see Laura’s bike and Zipp 440’s being blown around at the side of the car.  Luckily the rear wheel was well secured and they pulled off the road to check the damage on the bike.  It seemed that Laura was kitted out with superior TT equipment and the Specialized Tarmac and Zipp wheels passed another vigorous stress test, somehow nothing was damaged what so ever!!  The team re packed the vehicle and set on their merry way to till they came across road changes on the Western Freeway which meant Josie, who was driving, got lost and did several laps around Darra.

After getting back on course and finally arriving at Lowood the TT team united and set up camp near the start line. Laura handed out lolly bags and team bracelets, Director Sportiff, Liam, went for race numbers leaving Jonny Stockwell with his work cut out for him multi tasking as team mechanic and team babysitter.  While he was changing clusters and setting up race wheels he was also babysitting Julie’s daughters Katie and Ashley as well as Benny Duncan and Jeremy Moore.  Even though the boys are at least 15 years older than Julie’s daughters it was the boys who were his toughest charge.

Benny and Jeremy were happy enough getting high on sugar however there was much work to be done getting bikes organised and tyres pumped.  The TT girls were left to their own devices and the trouble began when Josie had to hold on the pump head and pump her own tyres to 120 PSI, which is actually very difficult on your own….  The valve broke and to Benny’s disgust he had to stop munching on his lolly bag and was sent in to change the tyre. However, 10 minutes later, when Josie set out for her pre race warm up, the same tyre was flat.  There are several theories about this but the tyre was flat so a training wheel was put in for warm up.  

The warm up went well for all and it was good to see the same magpie out on the warm up course, pushing riders to top speeds to escape its relentless attacks.  After lots of fast riding and swinging arms, Laura and Josie rode to the start and lined up 4 minutes before race start.  Julie and Lisa preferred to start a little warmer and so cut things a little finer rolling up 1 minute to start.  The riders were held by the starters, some for the first time, and the gun went off.

The team jumped out of the blocks and an hour and 8 minutes of pain began.  The wind was roaring and the dust storm had only just passed that morning so Julie was really appreciating the combination of the hard riding and dust in her lungs after her recent bout of pneumonia. Going out, the wind was a cross head wind so it was Echelon style from the gun.  The girls were blown all over the road and the pace was relatively high given the conditions. As the race went on the girls caught several teams ahead and there was much cheering from Josie upon passing Louie’s team, Julie, as they went past her brother’s team in the opposite direction; and Julie once again cheering on Sheree’s team.  It was a little boisterous for a TTT however if you’re on the back you do get a small rest and seem to be able to yell funny things to teams you’re passing (Ed: opinions of one Josie [glamour girl] on the quality of her mid-race humour are not necessarily endorsed by Lifecycle). 

At the turn around Johnny stood wearing a dress and the Lifecycle team were just short of passing another team who instead of circling the turn around on bike, actually unclipped a foot and spun their bikes around.  In their defence the turn around was tight and the wind high however all of our Lifecycle girls were skilful enough to turn while staying clipped in! 

Coming in to the finish it was a cross, tail wind but there didn’t seem to be much tail in it.  It was painful and hard but some good, strong turns were pulled and the team stayed together still looking tidy under the pressure.  The team crossed the finish line and rolled back to the cars to change and await the results and the medal presentation.  The announcement then went out that Lifecycle had won the Elite Women’s State Championship and then the girls were presented their Gold medals. 

The post race celebrations included a BBQ Hamburger, soft drink, a slice of cake and finishing off the lolly bags.  While this was going on there was some confusion as there was a Benny Duncan body double who was even dressed in Peter Pan style shoes and tight denim shorts.  Everyone kept confusing the body double as Benny and kept yelling `we're over here’ to him.  We thought Benny was snubbing us but he was standing next to us all along.

A big thanks have to be said to Liam McCarthy for being team DS and for generously volunteering his time so that Lifecycle could enter teams into the TTT. Without this Lifecycle would not have this State Title! Thanks also to Jonny for his role as mechanic and team baby sitter.  And thanks to Benny and Jeremy for their help and support.  It was a great day and the team rode well together! 

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