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If you're a Lifecycle club rider, you'll know its one of the greatest clubs around as you're able to ride with people of all standards from C grade all the way to Elite A and even Professional riders who travel and race all over the world. Its pretty cool wearing a jersey and being part of a team like this!

This year we've had more Lifecyle Club riders racing overseas than ever before. Riders like Jon Cantwell, Carla Ryan and Josie Loane have been racing all over the globe leaving their mark from Europe to America, with great results and team signings.

This year Jon Cantwell signed with the American Team `Jittery Joes', which has previous association with Lifecycle. Back in the good old days our golden child Luke Stockwell was the first Aussie they ever signed and Luke enjoyed several years of racing and getting jittery on caffeine from the many cups of coffee the sponsors supplied! Now its up to Jon in keeping the Lifecycle name in the team and drinking his quota of coffee and he's done a great job of this! Jon has just come away with the Yellow Jersey from one of the biggest 17 day International Cycling Classics in the World. With the help of his team, Jon won two stages in the 17 rounds of racing and placed so consistently over 17 days that he beat some huge international stars and Olympic hopefuls. This is a huge result for Jon and it'll be interesting to watch where this may lead him next year.

Check out Jon's website for more info and pic's of his yellow jersey!


Carla Ryan has also had an awesome year with some great results in New Zealand and Europe with the AIS (Australian Institute of Sports) womens team. Her results over the past few months have lead to a signing with one of the world strongest womens teams, Lifeforce. She'll join Lifeforce for the second half of 2008 and will ride the Giro and other big tours as a domestic for Kristin Armstrong and their many other top riders. She'll also be racing to get more personal results to secure a spot in the World Championships which will be held in Italy later in September. Check out her bio in the following link and you can keep up to date with her results.

Josie Loane has also returned from 4 months of racing in Europe and America where she helped the Australian womens team to some great results. Josie will be spending the rest of the year at home so we welcome her back home and to the shop.


We wish all our Lifecycle International stars the best in their races over the next few months and no doubt we'll be seeing them back in Oz later in the year once again joining the rest of our Lifecycle crew!

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