Rain... or showers at least

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It rains so little these days that it always comes as a pleasant suprise when the heavens do finally open. One problem with having such infrequent wet weather in Brisbane is that when it does arrive we often don't have the proper gear to keep us on the bike.


Are you staring out the window at the rain instead of training? 


Because we would hate to see you use this little bit of welcome rain to skip your training we've decided to share Lifecycle's top five tips for wet weather riding:

1) Get a clear plastic rain jacket. These lightweight rain jackets will fold up small enough to fit in your jersey pocket so you don't have to worry about where to stash it when the weather does clear up. At around $49 they are affordable, which is nice as it doens't rain that much in Queensland.


Descente Jacket
You can still see your Lifecycle team kit through a clear jacket. 


2) Newspaper. Looking for a way to dry your wet riding shoes so you can head out again tomorrow? Try stuffing them full of newspaper over night. The paper soaks up the moisture leaving them dry and snug the next day. Newspaper down the front of the jersey is also a great way of keeping warm when the temperature drops later in the year.


The cheapest way to dry your shoes. 



3) Buy a home trainer. If the rain is just to heavy to head out in or you don't feel confident riding in the wet then perhaps you should consider setting up a home trainer. There are a few different types available though we would suggest a magnet or fluid trainer that runs of the rear tyre. MTB riders can get a rim drive model so they don't have to take off their knobby tyres. Both versions of the popular Minoura 500 trainer retail for under $300 and always sell like hotcakes in the wet weather.


Minoura 500
We also stock training DVDs to get the most out of your mag trainer. 


4) Get a tool tub. One bad thing about being caught in the rain is that your mobile, wallet, power bars, mini tool and any other bits and pieces you may be carrying get soaked. Companies like BBB sell screw top tool tubs that go in your second water bottle cage and help keep your valuables dry.

Tool tubs
Put one of these in your second bottle cage. 


5) Get a weather proof hat for the cafe. We all know that the post ride cafe or bakery stop is key to a good ride so don't miss out because of the rain. Get yourself a special wet weather hat like Blair's (see below) and stay dry off the bike.

Blair gets ready to head down to the cafe in his rain proof hat.

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