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Hey Everyone, 

I arrived safely in Milan mid day Friday after a great Emirates flight with short stop overs in Singapore and Dubai. I was a little sad that my the plane from Singapore was running late as I had to Power walk through Dubai Airport not getting the chance to check out an excellent looking airport!! As promised the Emirates food was awesome and it seemed every meal was at least 4 courses and included cheese, biscuits and little chocolates.  You’ve never seen bigger meal trays in your life and I have to admit that it was sad to arrive in Milan and say goodbye to the Emirates cuisine.  How long would it be until I enjoyed this again??? 

I was picked up from the airport and whisked away to the Aussie Team housing which can house the under 23 boys, the open AIS Men’s team and the ladies teams at any given time.  At this time the under 23’s are away racing, then have a 2 week break and the Men’s team is in America racing.

The ladies are pretty much all here by now and I am rooming with Kate Mercer another QAS athlete.  The rooms are really spacious and after hearing all bad reports I was surprised to see how good they really are.  We are in quite a boring part of town but a train ride of 8 minutes takes you into Verese the main city of the region.  It is a small city with a new and old town and is pretty cool with everything you’d want.  We visited yesterday and stayed on for dinner, which was of course was pizza!!  We will go in again on Monday afternoon to watch the Aussie, Italian soccer game on big screen.

We have already been on a few rides and it is amazing to experience the fast roads of Italy.  It is incredibly easy to cycle around here and although some of the roads are quite chunked up the roads are fast and bikes seem to flow over them effortlessly.  Riding on Sunday was amazing; I have never seen so many people out on bikes and the numbers easily out do the river ride on a really busy morning. There are some great places to cycle, around Lake Verese, and through lots of small cute villages but hopefully we get into the mountains soon!

From Josie.

Team Accommodation

Team Accommodation

My side of the room!

My side of the room!

My first Italian coffee with Candice, Kate, Sally and Amanda.

My first Italian coffee with Candice, Kate, Sally and Amanda

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